Do Not Panic If Audited
Posted by irsauditrepresentati, 09/12/2017 11:42 am

Notification from the IRS regarding an audit can be scary. Do not panic because taxpayers have rights. The whole situation may seem overwhelming because most people have no idea what their rights are and how to exercise them. The first thing to do is call a firm that helps individuals and businesses deal with tax issues, such as Bryson Law firm.

Why Contact an Attorney?

An attorney will know exactly what your rights are, can explain the whole process, and provide audit representation if necessary. Most audits result in the taxpayer owing more money. Experienced attorneys will help people prepare the information requested as part of the irs tax audit new orleans. The information and documentation has to be submitted in an organized package to expedite the process.

Many taxpayers end up paying more money because the explanation and documentation provided does not properly support their tax returns. An attorney will review the information and compare it to the original request.

The Findings

Once the IRS completes the audit, taxpayers are notified online of the findings and the results. More times than not, the results include an additional payment. Those findings can be contested in a few ways, but most taxpayers do not know what to do next.

One way is to file a tax court petition. The attorney can do that on behalf of the taxpayer. It is much less stressful to go through the process with audit representation.

Other Services

IRS and Louisiana state tax issues include more than audits. Installment arrangements for paying back taxes, as well as applying for penalty abatement are also offered services. Lien assistance, wage garnishments, and appeals can also be handled.

IRS audit representation, payroll tax representation, and revenue officer assistance are within the areas of practice. A sensitive subject, innocent spouse relief, is taken seriously and dealt with discretely. Many times spouses have no clue that their partner is participating in tax fraud or any other infraction. An attorney will provide assistance for spouses so any penalties will not ruin their lives.

Always Ask

Most attorneys offer free initial consultations so it is wise to speak to one even if there are only a few questions. State tax issues are just as serious as federal ones, so do not make the mistake of disregarding notifications. Keep in mind that any tax issue will have deadlines for responses. Call as soon as a notification is received. Audits do not mean the taxpayer is suspected of a crime. Some really are just randomly completed.



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